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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  October 14, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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the national league championship series! >> just in case you missed it, the cubbies are now just two series away from winning their first world series in 107 years. they defeated the st. louis cardinals 6-4 to move on, and that does it for this hour. i'm kate snow. "mtp daily" with chuck todd starts right now. ♪ >> if it's wednesday, it's the best chance joe biden would have to step on hillary clinton's post debate victory lap. but guess what, all quiet on the west wing front. it's "mtp daily" live in new hampshire and it starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> good evening, from the lovely campus here of the university of new hampshire.
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so much to hit tonight, breaking down the first democratic debate and a lot happening right here on the campaign trail in the granite state. by the way, it's 5:00, as the sounds behind me tell me. we have a new interview that i did today with ohio governor john kasich. here's a taste of that. when i asked him why outsiders like ben carson and donald trump are doing so well right now. >> when people have a health problem, sometimes they go into alternative medicine, and then when it gets real serious, they go to a regular doctor. >> so there you go. apparently the establishment candidates are the serious doctors. we'll get more on that and much more of the interview later in the show. as well as one of the top advisers for the draft biden gro group, are we hours away from an announcement? and the iranian ground troops in syria and why the newest wave of violence in israel might be different. but first, to nevada and the
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clinton campaign, there's a rally later tonight. katy tur is in new york where she had another sitdown with the one and only donald trump today. and i'll close things off with johneralston, who has a lot more on last night's debate and whether nevada is actually in play in a general election. but let's start with hillary clinton. she's pretty much taking a victory lap after last night's debate. moments ago, she sat down with our affiliate in denver, kusa. >> i'm traveling around and enjoying it, talking to people, listening to people, and doing the best job i can to earn their vote. >> clinton's high performance gave the campaign a confidence boost at a time when they needed it and the chair of the clinton campaign, feeling confident enough that shehe's decided to l out joe biden. >> he's been through a tremendous tragedy and we've been respectful about that. i think he deserved the space
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and time to think that through, but i think the time has come for a decision. so that at the next debate if he does decide to get in, there will be six podiums on the stage. >> john podesta talking in the past tense, basically saying, we've given him the space, it's time for him to decide. october is a big month for the clinton campaign and it's not yet over. her next hurdle is the benghazi hearings next week. >> i've tried to be as transparent as possible. i'll be appearing before the congress next week and answering a lot of questions that they may have, although now it's clear that this whole effort was set up for political partisan purposes. i'll be in a position to respond and the american people can listen and watch and draw their own conclusions. >> i can tell you in many ways, the clinton campaign has been as concerned, if not more concerned about the benghazi testimony than last night's debate. let's go to alex in henderson, nevada right now, where hillary clinton will be speaking
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shortly. alex, i assume the campaign feels better than they expected after the first debate. >> yeah, chuck. clinton campaign officials were practically giddy last night coming out of the debate, one of them telling me it was the best day of the campaign yet. there had been a lot of bad days recently for the clinton campaign. this was the hillary clinton that democrats signed up for, that basically cleared the field for last night, and in looking ahead, she's here today in nevada. tomorrow she'll head to texas to pick up a big endorsement from the secretary of housing and urban development, who is a potential vice presidential nominee. but then she'll take the beginning of next week to prepare for that crucial benghazi hearing on thursday, and she's going to head into that much stronger than we expected. there's been a 1-2-3 punch on her controversy over e-mails. bernie sanders comments, kevin
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mccarthy's comments, she's looking to put this away for good when she goes to congress on thursday. of course there's a risk, she's not going to be facing off against fellow democrats. it's republicans and i don't think trey gowdy will say he's sick and tired of hearing about her damn e-mails. >> you're right about that. alex, thank you very much. we expect to have some new sound from bernie sanders, talking to nbc news any minute, and as soon as we have the tape, before he hops on a plane to leave the west coast, we'll bring it to you. here's what i can tell you, the sanders campaign told me earlier today, they feel good about last night's debate, simply for the fact that they reminded me, this is his first ever presidential debate. certainly that he would be rougher than hillary clinton, who had been through this before. and they believe sanders will get better when they have more
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debates down the road. they say sanders and clinton had a both to both go big and they believe sanders in the long run will win this because he didn't jump on the e-mail topic, she decided to go big. and sanders' campaign said they thought clinton played small ball and think it may hurt her campaign in the long run. again, we'll have sanders sound with alex javi on that later this hour. let's go now to the republican side of the race, donald trump live tweeted last night's debate to entertain those folks on social media. today he sat down with my colleague katy tur to share some thoughts that were longer than 140 characters. >> i thought bernie was off. he was not doing so well. i thought that the other people shouldn't even be up there, to be honest. i think she did her job. i think she got through the debate. i personally thought she won the
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debate. >> a new fox poll said donald trump may no longer be the lone front-runner at the top. he's basically in a tie with ben carson. ted cruz new to double-digits. also on the rise at 10%. check in with katy tur who joins me now after her new interview. katy, you asked him about what it's like to not be lonely at the top in the polls with his partner there, ben carson. >> i did ask him why he thinks ben carson is doing so well, and he didn't really have much of an answer. he talked about the outsiders, but he also talked about how he wished ben carson would attack him so that he would be able to attack ben carson. which i think is just so very telling. take a listen to the sound. >> why do you think he's doing so well? >> i don't know. i think he's a nice person. i don't know why he's doing well. i will bring america to a new level. i will negotiate deals that nobody can negotiate like i do. >> i did ask him if he'll take out any attack ads against carson if his upward with trend
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continues, he wouldn't say that. but this entire interview was just so different from the one that i did with him in july. in fact, it was pretty different from most of the one-on-ones, and most of the gaggles we've been doing on the trail. it was a calmer, nicer donald trump, one that was more thoughtful and it was really quite interesting to see if -- it will be interesting to see if this is going to be a turnaround from now on. will we see him in virginia as a kinder, gentler version of himself? he wasn't attacking the candidates, even though i asked him about other opponents. we'll have to see if it is a new kinder, gentler donald trump, it would be something to compete with come primary season. because he can't really hit ben carson because he's been so nice, he's apologized when he's attacked donald trump, so there's no way for him to hit down at him. it will be interesting to see how this all plays out in the coming months. chuck? >> there's a lot more to your
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interview. i know we'll see more of it. i found it fascinating how he was very bold about all of the campaign staff and organization that he says he has in place. i know other campaigns claim that he doesn't have the organization that's necessary. he seemed to say, oh, con trar. katy, thank you very much. >> thanks. we told you yesterday that labor is front and center in nevada politics. nevada has a higher union membership percentage rate among the early nominating states and key swing states. in fact, in a departure from basically the rest of the country, union membership in nevada is on the rise. and guess what, the democratic candidates last night did their best to appeal very blatantly to labor. >> if we want to raise the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour, workers are going to have to come together and look the republicans in the eye and say, we know what's going on, you
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vote against us, you are out of your job. >> at the center of my campaign is how we're going to raise wages. yes, of course, raise the minimum wage, but we have to do so much more. including finding ways so that companies share profits with the workers. >> let me bring in one of my favorite political reporters to talk with, john ralston, host of ralston live on pbs in nevada. he owns the beat when it comes to nevada politics. john, these numbers that we put up last night, the fact that nevada's on the rise when it comes to union membership, no other swing state is on the rise. no other state in the union is seeing a rise in unimembership. this really has become, should we say that nevada is now starting to move in a much bluer direction than eight years ago? >> funny you mentioned that, talking to someone the other day, about nevada being a purple
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state. there's two components, one is the union membership itself. we're a right to work state, but the power of labor is about to go to a painters union event that hillary is having and hillary and bernie and o'malley have gone to visit the culinary union, which is the most powerful, 55,000 members. it's half hispanic or more, it's the latino turn-out operation in nevada and the latino vote is going to be large in the caucus, but also will play a big role in november of 2016, may end up being 20% of the electorate. so there's two prongs to that. the immigration issue is big here of course and hillary clinton finally taking a position on the repeal of the cadillac tax and obamacare, was because the culinary union and others pushed her in that direction. >> well, there's no doubt in my mind, labor also pushed her on the tpp decision as well. let's break it down.
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if memory serves eight years ago, clinton had the advantage with the culinary union the last time. sanders obviously very popular among rank and file union members around the country. is he making any in-roads yet out west? >> it's interesting the story of the culinary union. i'm sure you remember this, the culinary, very early in 2008, embraced obama, which infuriated the clintons. bill clinton called casino owners to complain about how the culinary was organizing. now she's trying to mend fences with the culinary. bernie sanders has talked to the culina culinary, he's saying what their members want to hear. but clinton came here, went almost to the left of obama on immigration, said she would go further. bernie sanders' numbers with latinos, across the country, as you well know, with minorities
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in general, are not good. hillary sees that, and so i think she's making in-roads, but the culinary is playing it smart this time. they endorsed obama early in 2008. hillary ended up winning the state, although as you recall because the organizational prowess of the obama campaign they won the delegate fight. so the culinary will extract everything it can from hillary clinton, i think, before probably endorsing her. >> all right, well, jon, i'd love to keep you on longer, talk about the republican side of things. we'll get to that as the "we matter" caucus. i think i'm going to rename it. >> i like it. >> john ralston, always good, my friend. >> thanks, chuck. coming up, another violent day in israel. we'll have a report from jerusalem. and later, more from the trail with ohio governor john kasich in new hampshire. we'll get his take on the debate
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>> you don't consider yourself a capitalist, though? >> do i consider myself part of the casino capitalist process by which so few have so much and so many have so little, by which wall street's greed and recklessness wrecked this economy, no, i don't. >> and i think what senator sanders is saying certainly makes sense in terms of the inequality that we have, but we are not denmark. i love denmark. we're the united states of america. we would be making a grave mistake to turn our backs on what built the greatest middle class in the history of the world. >> that was bernie sanders and hillary clinton going at it over capitalism versus democratic socialism. as you know, sanders told me on "meet the press" sunday that he was not a capitalist.
2:17 pm
he pointed to denmark and used it to underscore why he is not a capitalist. we talked to some professors who specialize in danish politics today to put the remarks in context. here's what they told us. denmark, they say, is a socialist country, due to a high level of redistribution and government investment in public programs that sanders like to trumpet. but they are also one of the more capitalistic countries in the world. the heritage foundation, the conservative heritage foundation, one of the most conservative think-tanks in this country ranks denmark as the 11th freest economy in the world, that's higher than the united states on their list. sanders' policies fit the scandinavian model, about you he builds on them to adapt to structures already in place in the united states. democratic socialists and capitalists, depending on how you define it, are not mutually exclusive terms. though sanders does make them a little more exclusive and economic buzz words like those will almost always get picked up or pounced on in politics
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when your ford needs service, there's one elite team. these are the specialists. at ford. we're back with more "mtp daily," live from the university of new hampshire, more 2016 news coming up. but first turning to other big news today around the world and what's happening in israel. my colleague has been following this story very closely back in new york. brian, i hand it to you. >> chuck, this is what we've been watching all day. every so often in the middle east, there's this feeling in the air that a spark could ignite something. so tonight a late-night cabinet meeting for the netanyahu government, talking about this problem, agreeing to kind of flood the zone with hundreds more security personnel. at the heart of this is recent violence that has everyone worried. these have been mostly lone
2:20 pm
actors, a lot of knife attacks by individuals, on israelis. and one of them today, early in the day in the old city entrance in jerusalem, was witnessed by our nbc news camera crew and correspondent ayman mohyeldin who filed this report. >> we're just outside the gates of the old city in east jerusalem, one of the police checkpoints that has been set up somewhat permanently around the perimeter of the old city. it's at checkpoints like these that they're searching palestinians, checking their i.d.s, and in some cases, limiting their access and restricting their access to the old city, as well as to religious sites inside. it has been a major source of the recent wave of escalating tensions between palestinians and israelis, according to the palestinian authority at least, israel's procedures on the old city, that limits palestinians from coming in and out has been a major cause of anger for
2:21 pm
palestinians. and according to the palestinian authority, it is precisely these types of restrictions that are fueling the recent wave of attacks that we've seen. now israel has been stepping up its security at checkpoints like these over the course of the last several days, following a wave of attacks that have now killed at least three israelis, just in the past 24 hours alone. in addition to two separate incidents that took place here. israel has deployed 300 members of the military to beef up security at places like bus terminals, train stations. they've also put up roadblocks and closures to neighborhoods where palestinians live and other indicateds across the country. all of this has season a wave of violence in jerusalem and the occupied west bank, protesters clashing with israeli police. a palestinian man was killed yesterday, a 27-year-old man. in addition to the ongoing tensions that are also taking
2:22 pm
place in the gaza strip where israel tane tanmaintains a siegt area. as well as clashes on the perimeter of the gaza strip where palestinians have been demonstrating along that area. >> and we actually have asked ayman mohyeldin to join us live tonight, their time and ours. ayman, take us back to this morning, u.s. time, because this was something you were preparing to go on live television, from the damascus gate at the old city of jerusalem. you witnessed a scuffle and then a shooting of a man armed, wearing all camo, palestinian, armed with a knife, taken out by the israeli soldiers. so important because, again, a lone actor, but it's that tick tock of violence every day, that some people say could blow up into a third intifada.
2:23 pm
>> reporter: israeli security not taking any chances not here and nota any checkpoints they have set up. that incident happening about 9:15 a.m. local time. the police, as they have been throughout the course of the day, frisking palestinians, checking i.d.s, and it was at that point that incident happened. the man at the time, it happened really quickly, in a matter of seconds, and it kind of caught all of us by surprise. it was as soon as the gun shots rang out, that i ducked for cover. my cameraman dave copeland continued filming and that's how we managed to get that footage, but the incident really underscores just the level of anxiety and tension that exists here. the man, as he evaded this checkpoint was running towards the entrance of the damascus police. he really had nowhere to go. he was surrounded by israeli security personnel on both sides. as you mentioned, 300 members of the israeli military now augmenting the national police.
2:24 pm
that in itself is somewhat unprecedented. to see the israeli military deployed in support of national police, so it does give you a sense as to the security measures the israeli government is undertaking to try and restore calm in the orders of the israeli prime minister. >> ayman, thank you. chuck todd, we'll throw it back to you. and you know the cycle, it's become too familiar. anger wells up, there's an outburst of violence, there's a crackdown, and then we repeat that cycle all over again, but people are hoping to keep the lid on right now. >> there is. and there's the social media angle to this that seems to somehow keep this going, which i think adds a layer that we've not had previously when it comes to this dispute. brian, thank you, sir. ayman before him. i want to turn now, stay in the middle east, in syria. senior u.s. defense officials are telling nbc news that a
2:25 pm
substantial number of iranian ground fighters and hezbollah fighters are positioning themselves for what may be a major assault in aleppo. it comes on the heels of new russian air strikes that have hit targets in syria's largest city. aleppo has seen some of the most intense fighting in years. retaking the city by assad would be a boon for his regime and it's something that was thought to be impossible just a few months ago. joining me now, jim miklaszewski. the iranians with the ground assault, what the russians are doing, aleppo's been basically divided, some isis, some rebel fighters of assad. who are the iranians targeting? >> here's essentially what has been described to us as the russian-syrian-iranian war plan to attempt to retake the city in the largest city there in syria. and according to officials,
2:26 pm
there are thousands of lebanese hezbollah to be joined by as many as a thousand iranian forces that will be attacking the city from the north and the east. meantime, syrian forces will be attacking from the west and the south. so essentially, what they're going to try to do is squeeze aleppo and retake it. all of this of course while the russians are conducting air strikes with aircraft. and these were the targets that were laid out by those cruise missiles that were launched by russia last week. so it's fairly evident, according to officials, that the attempt here is to retake ale o aleppo. which as you said, would be a huge victory for assad. the most optimistic thinking on the part of some u.s. military officials is that assad retakes aleppo, he could claim victory and that could open up an avenue of escape for him to bow out, at
2:27 pm
the encouragement of the russians, of course, and to leave his control there in syria, in what would be described as a political solution, chuck. >> well, that sounds like the rosiest of scenarios of what is not turning out to be a good situation for this administration. mik, thank you very much. we'll be monitoring that as we go along. still ahead, a caught up with john kasich on the road. he's rolling out a big budget plan, he's already doing a bus tour of new hampshire. that's just ahead. and kasich isn't the only one on the trail in new hampshire today. we'll check in with jeb bush and marco rubio has been in here and hillary clinton comes friday. life's all about learning.... asking questions.... having new experiences. are you ready? the key to a happy satisfying life is to always be curious. jibo, how are you doing? i'm great!
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every moment is our moment. are you enjoying this? it's been such a whirlwind. i want to get to know people and understand their ideas about everything. so you can too. we'll be monitoring that as we we'll check in with jeb bush and ideas are scary. they come into this world ugly and messy. ideas are frightening because they threaten what is known. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile.
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so don't trust your smile to any regular toothpaste. improved crest 3d white brilliance removes 5 times more stains than the red box. try the whole collection for a smile that gets you noticed. >> still to come on "mtp daily," john kasich rolls out his policy plans. he's on a bus tour already of
2:31 pm
new hampshire. little early you might think for bus tours. not for his campaign. he'll have his take on the 2016 field. interesting way he describes the love for carson and trump right now. but first, let me go to meg terrell with the cnbc market wrap. >> thanks, chuck. the dow drops 150 points, the nasdaq sheds 13. shares of walmart helped bring down the dow. it said it expects 2016 sales to be flat. and shares of netflix are lower after hours. the company's revenues and earnings fell short of estimates. subscriber growth came in low the 1.9 million expected. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide.
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back with more live from the university of new hampshire. we heard from the democrats in last night's debate. we'll hear from bernie sanders later in the show. but today i came to new hampshire to hear from one of the republicans, john kasich, as he sets out to unveil his expansive agenda. not necessarily in how much it will cost, but how thorough it will be. i joined him on his bus and we spoke on a lot of issues. take a look. >> governor, i heard you say you didn't watch the debate. but you said you reacted to something that secretary clinton said. tell me about it. >> well, when she says that i'm really proud of the fact that i've made enemies with
2:36 pm
republicans, we're not a parliamentary system. and that's part of the problem. if you're going to fix these entitlement programs, balance a budget, rebuild the military, you can't do it with just one party. so i mean, i guess when you get into a debate, sometimes people get so desperate, they'll say anything they can in order to get attention. >> isn't that what's going on with your party, though? not with you, but you have a wing of your party -- >> i don't care about that wing. >> but that wing just blew up the house of representatives. >> first of all, they want change. i wouldn't characterize it like that. >> what do you think's going on here? >> that we don't have a leader with the stature to have a robust, aggressive agenda, to fix the country, which is why i'm putting one out tomorrow. i've known hillary for a long time, and i was shocked that she would say that. i know why she did. >> because -- >> it was absolute pander.
2:37 pm
and it's like, i'll say anything in order to get what i want. >> how do you unite this party? >> just like i did in ohio. >> ohio's one thing, this is a very fractured party. your party was not nearly as fractured. >> oh, listen, our party had the real potential to be extremely fractured. it's always a challenge to get people to see the bigger picture. and i've done it, whether it's defense, whether it's the budget, or whether it was in ohio. you got to give people a higher purpose, you know, and as one person said, your greatest skill is getting people to do what they don't want to do, but they know they should. there is no republican in the house that doesn't want to see a balanced budget, tax cuts, regulatory reform, economic growth, a stronger military. they just don't have a plan. but when you get a plan and you have a leader, that changes. >> you want to see paul ryan do it? >> i don't get into picking who should be doing these things, because as the governor, as an executive, a lot of people run
2:38 pm
who are not executives. as an executive when you start weighing into leadership races -- >> what's better for the party? >> what's good for the party is to pick somebody that can pass a very aggressive agenda which i would have if i'm elected president. >> give me a preview here. you said you can do it, you can balance the budget in less than ten years. >> yeah. >> that's obviously the plan you're rolling out. you think you can do it in less than ten years? >> we're going to have a comprehensive plan, and that comprehensive plan is not a check your box, today i did energy, yesterday i did taxes, i mean, my goodness, it's just so boring. >> so this is the whole shebang. >> it's the regulatory, trade, it involves taxes, it involves fiscal. it involves a transfer of money, power, and influence out of washington. and it will be a framework. and look, it's a legitimate way in which we can get the country going and it's a legitimate plan that people can chew on for a
2:39 pm
while. >> one of your hall marks that i've seen you say it since you got in, hey, when i was there in washington, we figured out how to balance a budget. and you were just saying, when i left, it didn't happen. you left a republican president, a republican house and a republican -- how did this happen with republican leadership? >> i'll tell you. i never could understand this, chuck, until i went through the budget in highway thohio this t there were some republicans that wanted to spend almost a billion dollars more than my budget. and i just said, no, we're not going to do it. and we got everybody together. but if you don't stand in the breach, all politicians are starred with the same stick. they all want to spend. and what leaders have to do is say, no, because it will take us down a path that will put us deep in the hole. >> where did it all go wrong? >> lack of leadership. nobody wanted to make anybody unhappy. the special interests --
2:40 pm
>> so this came with bush? >> yeah. >> that the two of them just overspent? >> we didn't have any vetoes out of the white house. >> too big a tax cut? >> no, it wasn't the tax cut. it was that -- look, george bush, was fighting two wars. it's the congress that spent all the money. >> should the wars have been paid for? was that a mistake? >> well, you got to pay for war. you have to do that. but that's not why all that happened. it happened because frankly, they weren't vetoing enough stuff. now, look, in 9/11, the president bush got into a difficult situation, but at the end of it all, they blew a $5 trillion surplus. there's no other way to say it. >> you said this is not american idol. to me it's a reference to trump and carson. is that what it is? >> i just made a reference to mearn idol. that's for you to figure out. >> you were very proud of it. >> it was such a good line too. >> did you come up with it?
2:41 pm
you're pretty fired up about it. >> there's nobody on this bus that comes up with my lines. >> obviously the republican party right now, you look the traditional -- the guys running the traditional campaigns, spending the most money, you and bush and rubio, you aren't beating the guys running the non-traditional campaigns. what do you make of it? what do you make of ben carson? >> whoa at do i make of him? >> why do you think he's doing so well? >> because people are frustrated. it's like the lady asked the question, how do you clean up the corruption in washington. i think they're like, i don't like what's going on and by the way, i've been pounded every day by the media telling me how bad everything is, so therefore, i don't like anything, so therefore i just try something new. but it's not human nature. >> so you still think this is sort of a kicking the tires type of thing? >> i think when people have a problem, sometimes they go into alternative medicine.
2:42 pm
then when it gets real serious, they go hire a regular doctor. >> that's right. the establishment are the regular doctors. the outsiders right now are your herbalists, i guess. that's where this metaphor was going. let me bring in kale any, you've been to so many different events. kasich doing a bus tour already. tells me they must have the largest organization in new hampshire right now on the republican side, is that fair to say? >> in terms of people, it's not fair to say. he does have a strong staff here. jeb bush has 11 people. john kasich has a staff of seven people in new hampshire, but that's still more than four or five people, which is the number of people on the staff that most of the other republicans have here. but he does have a strong team, he's supported by gordon humphrey and he's counting on new hampshire to do well. >> we talked about all the
2:43 pm
traditional candidates have staff here. carson and trump, what's their staff look like? trump's campaign manager lives here, but what's the staff look like? >> both of those campaigns do have a lot of staff here. trump is starting to add a couple people. carson is on the ground too. they're at a lot of other events that i see all the time. if you're going to republican conventions or other republican events, they are on the ground here. but john kasich, doing a bus tour, not seen that so far on the ground in new hampshire. >> going to be a regular thing in a couple months. kale any, good to see you, catching up with you soon. >> thank you. ahead, critics are calling for a decision from joe biden. i'm going to ask a senior draft biden super pac adviser about how he thinks last night's debate impacts the vp's plans. stay tuned. wait, i can freeze my account. [touch tone] introducing freeze it, from discover. it allows you to prevent new purchases on your account in seconds if your card is misplaced.
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2:45 pm
>> this just in, brand new sound from senator bernie sanders reacting to last night's debate. he caught up with alex javi, who is in california, following the sanders' campaign. here it is. >> the writers of "the new york times" didn't think i did too good. but the focus groups think i did. given the choice between the establishment media and real people, i'd rather have the real people. our problem is, we're moving so fast that we don't have the political infrastructure to keep up with the progress that we're
2:46 pm
making. >> we'll have more of that as it comes in. likely tomorrow and later of course on msnbc. coming up, a top adviser from draft biden, what did last night's debate do too their effort? stay tuned. some cash back cards love to overcomplicate things. like limiting where you earn bonus cash back. why put up with that? but the quicksilver card from capital one likes to keep it simple. real simple. i'm talking easy like-a- walk-in-the-park, nothing-to-worry-about, man-that-feels-good simple. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. it's a simple question. what's in your wallet?
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2:49 pm
gave to our affiliate in denver. if biden is under pressure, he doesn't show it today when he was asked about last night's democratic debate. >> what did you think about the debate and when are we going to hear about -- >> i was proud, i thought they all did well. >> i'm joined now by draft biden super pac senior adviser steve shale. welcome to "meet the press dail daily", let me get right into it. if he were running, the best time to leak something about a building campaign would have been the day after the debate, to step on his main opponent, hillary clinton. that didn't happen. doesn't that make you nervous he may not be running? >> actually i thought it would be funny if she hhe had showed last night on stage. but as clinton said, he has to make his decision in his own time. they're aware the filing deadline is coming up in the next few weeks and i suspect we'll know something sooner rather than later.
2:50 pm
>> you've been around democratic politics, what opening is there for the vice president now? just on an issue front. >> well, first of all, the ideological differences between either party is narrow. hillary clinton did a great job. frankly, it was like watching florida state play central michigan. a lot of the input i got last night is when you look on stage there -- i think joe biden would be that immediately. >> do you think it looks too transactional or as if he is trying to game the system if he waits to announce his decision until after she testifies before the benghazi committee. >> he may have want to let it play out. i don't know where his head is on this thing. i do suspect that we will know sooner than later, though.
2:51 pm
>> give me a sense of -- you said you got a lot of feedback and reaction last night. did you guys have more people checking in on what you guys are doing? did you get fundraising? what was the impact you felt at draft biden? >> i had a good three hours in the car and i talked to a bunch of people. folks who want to see the vice president run are in for the vice president. literally hundreds of people are ready to start raising money for him. nobody is getting nervous about it but are anxious to get to work. >> you seemed to say it was hillary clinton versus everybody else. do you not take bernie sanders
2:52 pm
seriously? >> i think it all will help us next november. i'm not sure he passed the basic test last night. the demographics for bernie sanders getting past iowa and new hampshire really don't play out too well. i think it was hillary and everybody else. >> i don't know how i feel about the florida state helmet behind you. >> i brought that for you, my friend. >> i figured you might. we will take another quick break. we have the lid coming up. we will cap off a busy day on the campaign trail around the country. when this busy family...
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time for the lid. we know donald trump is gearing up to host "saturday night live" on november 7. today katie tur asked trump if he has an impression of jeb bush. >> i was going to fall asleep at the chair. i don't have an impression. he's a nice man. he hasn't resonated. he just hasn't resonated and in a way it's too bad and in a way it's a little bit sad. >> i'm joined now by chris jansing who has been covering jeb bush on the trail and professor of political scientists. thank you for hosting us here.
2:57 pm
before i get to jeb bush you have spent a lot of time with rand paul on the trail. rand paul, some sound came in of an event in iowa. it's making social media rounds. let me play it first. >> there are plenty of places that will hire you and the vast majority privately have work manuals that say they don't discriminate. >> so he was asked, the question was is it okay for someone who is lgbt to be fired. >> that's the first time i heard it. it sounds like you can be discriminated against because you will get a job somewhere
2:58 pm
else. he is a very accessible guy. sometimes i think he says things especially in a situation like this, a question he has never gotten before that he may wish he could walk back. >> let's bring it to new hampshire. how is this primary different from all others this year? >> i would say on the republican side it's completely wide open in a way we probably haven't seen since even before 2000. this might be more like 1996. it is wide open. almost everyone in the field still has a shot. most primariestypically you see like on the democratic side. >> these three or four fighting it out. you can't say that. >> on the republican side i think it is wide open. >> somebody won the new
2:59 pm
hampshire primary. chris, you were with jeb today and talking before, you sense something different about some of the people you run into ever since hillary clinton had a strong debate performance. >> it was interesting at the rubio debate people open to those kinds of establishment candidates said to me, a couple of them, now that we've seen it it looks like hillary there is not going to be an alternative we need to find an alternative to that clinton-bush. in other words, we need somebody who gives us the argument we are not the same old same old. that was the appeal for a lot of people for marco rubio that he is fresh and different and not part of the washington crowd even though he is a u.s. senator. >> how pragmatic are new hampshire vote snrz.
3:00 pm
>> you find somewhat conservative looking for someone electable and reliable. ted cruzs don't play that well up here. a marco rubio is like a new hampshire republicans version of an outsider. i have heard the word electability a lot over the last couple of days. thank you much. i'll be thursday with more mtp daily. thomas roberts picks up our coverage right now. right now hillary clinton and bernie sanders look to build on their debate performances as both campaigns declare tuesday night a success. we recap the winning and losing moments. violence in jerusalem. israeli police and soldiers kill palestinian suspects who


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